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Uvita Chocolate Tour

An Uvita chocolate tour? Most definitely. The first taste of chocolate from the Delicata squash-looking fruit has a citrusy and gelatinous pulp surrounding the sead pods. The second tasting is an indistinct, soft, melt-in-your-mouth seed pod. After the seed pods have fermented in a wooden box for a week or two, the essence of chocolate first appears. Roasting the seed and peeling the outer husk brings an even more familiar flavor. It is not until you grind this inner seed into an oily paste and take an accompanying bite of a sweet banana that the chocolate reveals its authentic flavor.

Grinding cacao beans into a paste on the Uvita chocolate tour.
Traditional way. The cacao beans are ground into a paste before adding milk for the best hot chocolate.

The tour, hosted by plantation owner and operator Ronald, includes a walk through the forest to see the different stages and varieties of chocolate trees, fruit pods, and the tiny flower that dwarfs the even smaller species of mosquito that pollinates it.

A cacao flower.
Life cycle. The cacao flower in the foreground will grow into the gord with cacao beans in the background.

The tour’s climax is drinking the hot chocolate that the tour group participates in every step of processing. For a grand finale, Ronald will apply a face mask of fresh exfoliating chocolate paste to one of the guests.

Applying a cacao face mask.
Face mask. The cacao paste is not just food, it also rejuvenates your skin.

All this is after the tour begins with a history of the chocolate plant, its demise, and its rebirth through modern genetics.

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