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Heat wave hike: Cooling off on the Point Buchon Trail at Montana de Oro State Park
As an early September heat wave sweeps across the western states, getting out for a hike that is both refreshing and not crowded is a challenge. There is a state park on the central coast beyond the town...
Hiking Duna Vista Trail, Lopez Lake, California
When the lake water level is low, there is a shortcut to the Duna Vista trailhead, just past the laughter of the Acorn woodpeckers, at the green water pipe the crosses the dry lakebed. There is a junction...
A Hidden Paradise: Snorkeling Caño Island off Drake's Bay
The “red tide” on Wednesday turned nearly crystal blue the following day. Like the weather, water clarity quickly changes at Caño Island off Drakes Bay. Billed as the second-best snorkeling location in...
Discover Tapir’s Trail in Drakes Bay, Costa Rica
When the forest speaks, Gustavo listens. He hears calls from birds and insects, rustling treetops from monkeys and sloths, and the drooping of leaves from hiding frogs. Nice viper. Gustavo holds the poisonous...
Off the Beaten Path: Exploring Drake's Bay, Costa Rica
Do not stay in the town of Drakes Bay. It is a dusty, steep dirt road lined with a disarray of budget accommodations, sodas, and abandoned buildings. Just past the water-side trash pile, a tourist gift...
Visiting the Boruca Tribe , Costa Rica
Expectations soar while driving the fifteen-mile backroad between Palmar Norte and the Boruca village. Along the way are glimpses of the massive Terraba River with its brown thalweg fed by blue side channels....