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Unforgettable Amazon Jungle Accommodations: Your Guide to Palmari Reserva Natural
Ka has been there the longest. With his broad, muscular shoulders, he is the alpha male to the other native escorts, who all know their way in the jungle. During your stay at Palmari Reserva Natural, Ka...
Experience the Best of Bogota, Colombia: Machine Guns, Museums, and Massages
  Assault is unexpected on a busy street in Bogota. But a small group of guys in their early thirties can spot a tourist in the distance among the umbrellaed corn cob carts, sugar cane juicing machines,...
Preparing for Your Amazon Jungle Adventure: What to Expect and How to Prepare
Danger lurks everywhere. Level 3 travel advisories say to reconsider your trip. There are warnings of kidnapping, pickpocketing, and robbery…. and that’s just Bogota. In the rainforest, the hazards are...
It is one of those mornings when you show up late, forget something, and realize you are not wearing pants, then you jump out of bed to find your alarm is set to go off in another half hour. The Morro...
Hiking Mill Creek Trail, Big Sur, California
What can fire and rain do to a creek? The answer is shocking to see when hiking Mill Creek Trail in Big Sur. With the road to the trailhead closed, there is not much traffic on this creekside trail that...
Hiking the Creepy Willow Creek Trail, Big Sur, California
The Willow Creek Trail is so remote it is not in the AllTrails catalog. It is so remote that the front desk at Treebones did not know about it, yet they are both on Los Burros road. Instead of turning...