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Three Days and Two Nights Hiking in the Italian Dolomites 
The best outdoor adventure in Italian Dolomites starts with the largest alpine meadow in the world, Alpe di Siusi, a truly jaw-dropping vision of sweeping green pastures, jagged peaks, and welcoming trails....
Exploring the Wonders of Pinnacles National Park: Wildflowers, Talus Caves, and Condors
Wildflowers are popping at the Pinnacles. Located halfway between San Fransisco and Los Angeles, the Pinnacles National Park is one of California’s smallest and least visited national parks. The...
Discover the Best Place to Stay and Snorkel in Cartagena
Colombia – Cartagena has a great option if you like to visit cities but not stay in them. Accommodations just out of town offer access to the city and a nearby island without the crowds and hawkers....
Pink River Dolphins and Hiking in the Amazon Jungle: An Unforgettable Adventure
Getting lost in the Amazon jungle is not something you want to do. And you don’t expect your guide to get lost, but it is obvious when it happens. The peci-peci motor, named after its sound, has a long...
Exploring Authentic Indigenous Culture While Visiting Villages in the Amazon Rainforest
Some don’t want your money. But those who do seem as interested in looking at you as you do at them. It is a forty-minute upstream ride in a peci-peci outboard through the vast water world to visit the...
The Ultimate Amazon Adventure: Kayaking and Camping in the Heart of the Jungle
Trust your guide, keep him in your sights, and do what he says. That is if you speak Spanish. If not, relying on a translation app gets it right about half the time. So when he says it is safe to swim...