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The Best Snorkeling is off Bocas del Toro , Panama

The snorkeling just does not get any better. The reefs at Coral Key and Zapatilla are epic! Setting out in the early morning on a day long adventure with a native guide named Nazareo, every moment was a treat with the best snorkeling. 

A tropical island beach.
Paradise. This empty island is a rarely visited national park.
Three large rocks with plants in the ocean,
Palm island. With the Frigatebird flying overhead, the water is shallow enough to walk to the island.
Covered panga boats at a dock.
Breakfast. Before getting on the boat, the window sells typical morning treats like fried chicken, baked squash, and French fries.
Two swimmers in the blue ocean for the best snorkeling.
Best. There is no better snorkeling anywhere than the clear blue waters off Bocus del Toro.

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The African savanna with three acacia trees.
Amazon Jungle
Costa Rica

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